Archie Harding, Panagiotis Tzortzopoulos and myself were selected for our design that revolved around the notion of three being one. Symbolising the removal of hierarchy, with each piece being of equal importance to the whole.

Formed of concrete, the trophies were broken from a single slab, the categories stand side by side, uniting the prize.

"For the last five years, The Orwell Prize has worked with Goldsmiths designers to produce awards for the distinguished journalists and writers who win the prize. This year's design was outstanding - heavy, modernist, elegant, rocky, they captured something about Orwell and his values. They were presented so well and accompanied by a great film of their making - which played on a loop to the hundreds of journalists, editors, publisher, writers, academics, think-tankers and winners."

Professor Jean Seaton, Director of The Orwell Prize 

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